Ted Cruz

Looks like he’s going to run…

Fuck you establishment Republican Party!

The pants-shitting will continue and grow exponentially when Rand Paul announces his candidacy as well…

(Rubbing hands together menacingly)

Excellent… most excellent!

Viva la Tea Party!

I’m out

(Drops microphone)


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The Bump Fire Stock pt Deux

I finally brought mine out to the range today and it functioned flawlessly.  I cannot believe how easy it is to operate.  Some of the videos online showed people struggling with it for a while until they got the hang of it, but that wasn’t my experience at all.  It functioned great right out of the box.

This happy experience more than made up for my breaking the charging handle clean off my DSA para-rifle.  So I guess I have a perfectly good reason to visit the gunsmith.  Unless of course I am content with a $2,000 paperweight sitting in the safe.


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Ready For Hillary

I am fully prepared.

The simple fact of the matter is that likeability is extremely important in a Presidential election.

Bill Clinton has a lot of likeability. He has cultivated it diligently because he is a charm type sexual predator. He would not be near as effective at that sort of predation if he wasn’t able to disarm people with his personality.

Hillary has never cared about that, and it shows.

There is a decent chance Bill married her because of her proven willingness to cheerfully defend a rapist. It isn’t clear how they feed into her appetites, but the social strengths Hillary has most developed are discrediting others and intimidation.

Common wisdom is that she purely loves power. In this case, she simply does not care what Bill does to other women. The alternative model is that she enjoys it when other women are abused.

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RIP PTerry

I first found Pratchett when I was on a little people kick, and found his trilogy.

I’ve since read Good Omens, a fair amount of his individual titles, and played some on the Discworld MUD.

He also did good work advocating for nuclear power.

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Has anyone seen this?

I’m looking for a show that is essentially New Yankee Workshop, except that the projects are components of firearms.

I think this should exist if it doesn’t.

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Harf Wrong

The choice to practice terrorism instead of engineering is driven by 1) values 2) a lack of manly firmness by world powers in opposing terrorism 3) a personal taste for cruelty.

State beggaring us to pay Danegeld does nothing to improve this.

Tyranny and corruption are the major things preventing a competent engineer from finding or making gainful employment.

Obama screwed up employment around the world by harming the US economy.

If ISIS has a single root cause, it is Obama’s horrific foreign policy.

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College Degrees

I’ve a temptation to do a ‘What do they know of a college education?’ speech, but it would not serve the purpose.

Scott Walker does not have a college degree.


Am I to believe that someone fresh out of school with a Psychology, Journalism, English or Hospitality Management degree necessarily brings to the table something he doesn’t have?

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More Smart Diplomacy

The Obama administration is alienating Thailand… one of our closest allies.

Some 3,600 U.S. servicemembers are participating in Cobra Gold 2015 amid a diplomatic row that could have long-term repercussions on the security picture in Southeast Asia.

The long-running annual exercise, which had its ceremonial kickoff Monday, never seemed to be in doubt despite U.S. concerns over host nation Thailand’s military coup last May.

The U.S. values Thailand’s location and well-equipped bases as strategically critical, while Thailand values access to U.S. tactics and procedures.

This year’s exercise will feature less live-fire and more humanitarian operations, but that won’t bother most of the roughly two dozen participant and observer nations, who desire Cobra Gold largely for the relationships they can forge with each other.

Despite the apparent triumph of pragmatism at Cobra Gold, the strident Thai objections over Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Russel’s critical remarks of the military junta during a visit to Bangkok last month shouldn’t be dismissed as political theater.

Thailand, like many other nations in the region, is determining how to balance its interests between the United States and China, whose interests often diverge over regional security. The recent perceived slight by Russel could slowly push Thailand closer to China’s camp, said Anthony Davis, a Bangkok-based analyst with IHS-Jane’s Military and Security Assessments.

“In a decade or 15 years, this may be seen as a watershed moment in a mutual recalibration of the (U.S.-Thai) relationship, which will entail a downgrading,” Davis said.

Russel bluntly discussed the coup and prosecution of Thailand’s democratically elected government, which the military and political opponents viewed as corrupt, during his Jan. 26 speech at Chulalongkorn University and in a subsequent television interview.

“Ending martial law throughout the country and removing restrictions on freedom of speech and assembly are important steps as part of a genuinely inclusive reform process that reflects the broad diversity of views within the country,” Russel said during his speech.

His comments likely wouldn’t have been taken so harshly had they been made in private, or through a spokesman in Washington. Secretary of State John Kerry and others have criticized the Thai government for crackdowns on protesters and media, book bans and other actions.

However, Thais perceived Russel as an invited guest who criticized his host. Even some Thais opposed to the military coup were angered by his comments, Davis said.

“A loss of face in this country is a cardinal sin … it is hugely important here,” Davis said.

After Russel’s departure, Thai officials summoned the U.S. Embassy’s charge d’affaires to express their displeasure.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha, the general who led the coup, called Russel’s comments a big disappointment.

“It saddens me that the United States does not understand the reason why I had to intervene and does not understand the way we work, even though we have been close allies for years,” he told reporters.

Last week, Prayuth pointedly thanked China for understanding how Thailand works.

He met with China Defense Minister Chang Wanquan and announced a new intelligence-sharing agreement, according to media reports.

Wanquan said China had no plans to interfere with the military regime, according to the Bangkok Post.

You can read the rest here.

“Asian Pivot” indeed.

I need a drink.


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Obviously Unhelpful

The United Nations was originally formed after the failure of the League of Nations to prevent WWII. It was another name for the Allied faction in that war.

Corruption is a major cause of poverty. It also makes worse such things as desiease, crime, and war.

The UN hands money to people for being in the government of a country, or for having connections to people in the government of a country. By recognizing the governments of countries, and giving them seats, the UN may grant them more power than they would otherwise have. These all foster corruption.

Whenever one notices the UN doing something apparently actually helpful, one may ask if the net positive value, or even any positive result, offsets the suffering caused by pouring such wealth, prestige, and power into very marginal states.

Concluding that the UN, as it is now and is likely to be in the future, will cause more suffering than it might alleviate is fairly defensible.

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The Bump Fire Stock

I just purchased a brand-new Bump Fire stock, which means I’ll be forced to build a new gun to mount it on.

Why you ask?



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A Recent Conversation at Atrocious Bunker

So I’m in the kitchen making a drink and the Old Lady turns to me and says,”So what time is the Superbowl tomorrow?”

I stop stirring the vodka for just a moment, ponder the question and then answered, “I’m not exactly sure.”

She then goes on to ask, “Do you know where they are playing this year?”

Perplexed I again answer, “I don’t even know who’s playing.  But I’m pretty sure it’s football.”

With this I pick up my drink, go to the other room and settle in for some Netflix.


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Kabul Airport Shooting, Round II

It’s happened again.  At least this time, it would appear the victims were properly armed and able to drop the shit-stain quickly.


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Secretary Kerry

Our good friend, the former Senator from Massachusetts, is actually a biting satire of what French and other European media strongly expressed a desire for during the Bush administration, an American government more in line with their sensibilities. Some Obama voters did so for that reason, greater friendliness between the peoples.

This song always earns my friendship, rather than undying enmity.

Foreign policy an afterthought to internal politics, no regard for for the feelings of nominally allied peoples, all that may be missing is an outright stab in the back.

Since the French like satire so much, this is just what they wanted in their grief and anger. How wise of Secretary Kerry.

Registered User is not too bright. He has a pretty poor grasp of the thinking of alien peoples. His sense of humor is also pretty terrible.

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Up Ahead

Projects and other fun stuff providing, it may be that I’ll be a bit busy for any lengthy inspiration for some months. Personally, I’ve had some frustration that has ended up very fun.

Re: the Oklahoma ‘hoodie’ law that some are claiming is racist and will not stand. It was apparently first put in place to shut down the KKK. It is enforced so heavily that there is a hooded organization with secret membership that has been active in one of the bigger Oklahoma cities for decades.

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Hate Speech for Tanya Cohen

I got the inspiration for this on another venue, but figured it would not be most welcome there.

A decent chunk of the Evil League of Evil has write ups on this particular excretion of stupidity.

The first, and most dubious, element is the assumption that anyone with the mental peculiarities must be involved in LGBT issues.

The second element is the inter-sectional thing, where an LGBT activist is necessarily also a feminist activist.

The third element is the apparent interest of feminists in murdering children.

So, anyone who has those qualities, those traits, is a danger to children, because they wish to wrench children from their home, and dismember them.

All the alternatives that came to mind were more absurd, less defensible, or more the thing to say in normal circumstances.

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Smart Diplomacy



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‘All N are peaceful’ has some interesting qualifications. One is that it is not violence if nobody resists. If they conceal that resistance happened, they call it peace.

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I was a bit slow getting this together.

I saw Moe Lane’s forecasts for 2015, and noticed we didn’t have any recent election commentary here.

The guys I voted for won. We shall see what comes of it.

There are a number of issues worth keeping an eye on in the coming year.

Maybe that’s a bit depressing for tonight.

I’m not stringing my optimistic and joyful thoughts into anything coherent and appropriate, so I probably need a nap. With apologies to those inscrutable oriental time zones, like Maine.

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Drinking Single Malt…

and listening to 80’s music.

Don’t hate the playa’ hate the game.


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Merry Christmas!


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