It seems like, if one uses certain standard arguments, one could claim that the root cause of this is the fact that it is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors.

Legalize such. Drop the sin taxes. Stop the PSAs. Make it lawful to advertise the stuff more widely, and without the warnings. Put in a government subsidy, and call child services on parents if their kids complain about not being allowed to smoke.

Or maybe it is a matter of the dead man’s sense of entitlement, poor risk assessment, and choosing unwisely.

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Truth be told, I had thought that Obama had squat to do with Obamacare, beyond chiming in on sales, taking credit, and preventing people from making the technical implementation work if it would cause him political harm.

It seems I was in error.

That said, the information comes from one man. I am not prepared to view his testimony with complete confidence.

Furthermore, it seems like there is a trick to discredit this that I’m not seeing the media or the administration use.

Does Gruber have a future after this? If he were to fake insanity, make a bunch of impossible statements, then it could be claimed that he had become delusional and obsessed with Obama, and that attempting to unperson him was giving him space that he might not become worse.

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AR15 Kits and Builds

If anyone is interested Cheaperthandirt.com is selling Delton kits (minus stripped lower) for about $455 and they are selling Anderson Manufacturing stripped lowers for about $43.   With shipping and handling that’ll get you all the parts you need for a 16” AR15 for about $500.  The only special tool you’ll need is for the buttstock castle nut—and the wrenches for those are going for about three bucks—so that’s not terribly cost-prohibitive either.

It took me about an hour on my first build to assemble a rifle using Youtube as my tutorial.  The thing is running like a champ and it’s a lot of fun to shoot—particularly knowing that all the money I saved on the rifle I could use for bells and whistles.

Happy shooting!


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No Comment

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Beer vs Whiskey

Several years ago, for Reasons, I became a whiskey (to include Bourbon) drinker – almost exclusively so.

Beer used to be my go-to drink.  Now, it’s just an occasional maintenance drink.  So much so that I have friends bring over beers for events and such, and the left-overs keep accumulating in my bar fridge faster than I drink them.  This is why anyone walking in my house gets offered a ton of beer immediately.

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Obama Nominates Judge Lynch

The Administration has formally moved on its agenda of re-implementing the post Reconstruction policies beloved of the Democratic Party.

Historically, these policies were used to murder Republicans, and to terrorize them into political irrelevance.

Steve Renfroe’s is a famous example of Lynching. Steve killed a couple of Republicans involved in political activity, a former slave and carpetbagger. This is believed to be at the behest of the local Democratic Party, whose involvement otherwise is also suspected.

Informed Republicans are aware this this is part of our heritage, and that we might expect the same treatment again in the future.

The Obama Administration has been implementing practices of the Jim Crow era Democratic Party systemically and deliberately.

We can only inherit the will of our forefathers in the Grand Old Party, who fought the Democratic Party in years past.

I can be killed, but I cannot be forced to become a Democrat.

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GamerGate WTF?

GamerGate is a largish high-energy debate and flamewar on the internet.

GamerGate is an influence peddling scandal involving conspiracy among hobby media outlets, with some potential ties to more mainstream media organizations.

GamerGate is a microcosm of leftist or leftist trained political eternal warriors.

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Holiday Inn and Ebola

Apparently this commercial aired in 2001.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

(H/T Ace)


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See it.  A technically imperfect movie, but an amazing look into how insane late war Germany was.

I’m real curious what my Army bros think of it.

I’ll talk in a comment later about somethings that may be spoilers.


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Lockheed Fusion

I just checked it out on their website. It looks a bit more speculative than other parts of the internet were making it sound. That’d be a defensible reason why the media aren’t all over it.

I dunno about the specifics, and I tend to be a skeptic where tech R&D is concerned. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong, and I know I’ll be wrong in the future.

It’d be pretty nice if it works out, even if it’d obsolete that part of the Mahouka plot.

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In Case You Were Wondering…

Yes, you may purchase this for my birthday.

No, seriously. Buy this for my birthday.


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Fun Thought

I was a bit slow to spring this on some people I know. Maybe also just barely too tactful.

“You know, even if you do manage to make electric cars practical, the requirements are just going to be changed to wind-up.”

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George has done it again

Go check tomorrow’s Freefall.

That’s another mystery of the series, heavily foreshadowed, with a fitting solution, that came as a huge surprise to me.

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I don’t even…

I think this is…a war crime?  I don’t know.  A work buddy wants to bait rabbits or coyotes and do the same thing.  I’ll have to show him this.

I’m just…disgusted and intrigued.


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Neither shocking nor disloyal

The Washington Post seems wrong again.

As far as the latter is concerned, the central question is what entity, if any, does Panetta have loyalty to? Many of the alternatives have been discussed elsewhere.

The best match, as far as the former is concerned, seems to be loyalty to the Democratic Party. The timing would be right now to be doing so in order to manage the harm Obama may do the the Party’s reputation. A Democrat coming out prior to a significant electoral defeat can be establishing a paper trail for their claim of future competance.

On the other hand, Panetta may be able to predict that he won’t be able to count on post Obama administration appointments anyway, so he might as well position himself as best as he can for a speaking career.

HT, Moe Lane.

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SSSS 10/1/14

Today’s Stand Still. Stay Silent has some bits that were not analyzed to my taste when I was able to look at the comments.

Needless to say, spoilers, so go here if you want to read this post-apoc zombie fantasy first.

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Moore killing

One thing I’ve seen apparently overlooked.

Moore is close to and has some ties to Norman. Norman might be the most leftwing part of Oklahoma, with the highest concentration of out of state crazy.

Hence Moore might not be the best proxy for the saner and more rural parts of the country.

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Holder’s going out

Some explanations immediately come to mind.

General prospects for administration messaging are so dismal that a contentious cofirmation hearing is seen as a necessity.

Scandal messaging has some bombs ready to blow, and switching out the point man on handling that is necessary.

The former feels more likely. Yes, the Clinton swap for Kerry, but the latter would be proactive. If this administration has the ability to be proactive about managing its failures, and actually uses of it, I hate to imagine what it would be like without it.

The administration gives the impression that it is purely reactive when it comes to errors. Also, blind.

Some user sending in a postcard, because this administration as IT does not have QA or tech support: “This seems like it might be a bug.”

Administration/Media Response: “The developer is ever so wise and magnificent to anticipate the need for such a feature. It is so beneficial that it did not need to be documented until now.”

“It crashes, and the data cannot be recovered.”

“Let me be perfectly clear, working as intended, Republican wreckers and breakers.”

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I’m Lovin It.

Oh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

182bt849n3myejpg.jpg (JPEG Image, 636 × 358 pixels)

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Special Task Force Unicorn

Public officials should not openly give advice to terrorists, especially those with hostages.

It is bad policy.

Pretending to negotiate is one thing. That can be a legitimate ruse to position things for one’s attacking forces.

Threatening terrorists can be appropriate, and can be phrased as advice. This does not describe the incident I am speaking of.

Giving crazy, deranged pie in the sky advice damages the dignity of the public office.

Giving practical advice risks the terrorists acting on it, and letting their actions splash on the official.

Either way, it confuses the presentation of policy, and undermines the manly firmness with which a government ought to respond to terrorism.

Hat tip to Moe Lane. I’m not sure that Herp McDerp over there is wrong.

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