The Science is Settled

AWG is caused by Chemtrails, and only by Chemtrails. The only necessary and sufficient remedy is a Do Not Fly list for Environmentalists.

Every scientist we asked agreed.

Our survey methodology was to only ask scientists who laughed, and thought ‘the earth will explode unless we curtail the rights of environmentalists’ was a rhetorically appropriate way of exposing the weaknesses of certain arguments. Don’t ask about ‘our’ sample sizes.

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Obama thinks it is normal for people to run amok. Further, Muslims doing so are so common as to be unremarkable. He also feels it is unjust for a drug addict to die from decisions made under the influence.

He seems an entitled innumerate whose drug habit has prevented him from seeing that modern America is not the Indonesia he grew up in.

Alternatively, he is a crazy evil communist liar.

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Your Evening Meme


And then proceeded to not cry about it on national TV.


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Executive Orders

I didn’t watch the president today because… well…  you know…  I can’t watch him speak without wanting to throw up.  But I did get the executive summary of his Executive Orders, and then saw some film footage from his talking points.  Particularly the part where he starts crying like a bitch real man and leader of the free world.

Two observations:

1) The Executive Orders amounted to almost literally nothing.  Practical all of it was already law on the books.  And the rest of it was fluff.  Good news for freedom-loving Americans and 2nd Amendment supporters.

2) The president crying on national T.V.?  Really?  Are you shitting me?  If the rest of the world didn’t already think Obama was weak before, they are completely convinced of it by now.

What a pussy.

Have a good night.


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The foreign policy of this administration suggests that Democratic foreign policy objectives of 2000-2008 were largely set by rage at the outcome of the 2000 elections.

We have before us a woman of towering ambition, entitled, and holding back nothing from retribution for any slight. Her faction has essentially built a nearby encampment where they are collecting enemies of the Republic. Cicero’s description of the Cataline conspiracies seems truthful here.

Cicero’s remedies are not applicable. Both Cicero and Cataline were the result of the failure of The Republic. I suspect Cicero caused further harm to the institutions of the Republic.

O Conscript Fathers!

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Happy New Year!

Hopefully all y’all are out there getting properly drunk.

Peace out.



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Submitted For Your Consideration



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You Know

You’ve got to wonder how much of this pro immigrant rhetoric is simply masking ugly racism.

The Washington Post has expressed the sentiment that a person does not have human dignity if they have Italian ancestry.

People ranging from Jeff Bezos to Howard Taylor have implicitly or explicitly endorsed this view.

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‘I wouldn’t keep any school open that wasn’t doing better than average.’

The Democrats really do not rely on their math skills for intellectual signalling.

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Talking Productively About Immigration

There are things you can not do for another person.

For example, in the case of drying out an alcoholic, there is a sharp limit to what even force can do if the alcoholic isn’t willing to do the heavy lifting on the inside. Confine and watch them, and they may suborn the guards.

Some people have problems that will never be fixed as long as they do not have the will to fix them. You cannot simply force them to want it enough.

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More IRS Questions

This is the season when any small organization that wants to spend money to influence the 2016 Presidential elections should already be organized.

Does a conservative political organization expect greater scrutiny when filing tax information this year? Has this influenced political spending?

Planned Parenthood has chosen to engage in political activism after reports surfaced that it was conducting business for profit. Who has confidence that its political spending is as likely to trigger an IRS investigation? Who has confidence that its apparent fraud for profit would attract IRS attention if it were improperly untaxed?

Could Trump’s relative success have anything to do with his wealth and lawyers insulating him from financial intimidation?

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I have become exceedingly frustrated with the growing length of one’s childhood in this country.  In days of old an individual became a man or a woman at age eighteen and moved out of their parent’s house to make their way in the world.  Admittedly this is very much a “Nuclear Family” ideal and very 20th Century, but indulge me for a moment if you will.

Today, the child turns eighteen and then goes off to college where they are not really considered adults, but sort of quasi-children who live out their carnal desires in a safe and regulated environment.  They go to college in many cases to “experience life” rather than invest in an education that will create financial opportunity later on.  As such, these quasi-children frolic for four years (five, six, seven or eight years in some cases for those “professional students”).  After that, they oftentimes fail to find work and then move back in with mom and dad, where they continue on with the extended childhood.  This pre-adulthood has been largely legitimized by the Obama administration extending health coverage to children as old as twenty-six years of age.

The problem for me as a libertarian/conservative is that young voters tend to vote for Democrats.  The Democrats are fully aware of this of course, which is why back in the day they lowered the legal voting age from twenty-one to eighteen.  Luckily for us, young people have an abysmal voter-turnout rate.  I can only speculate as to why the young vote for liberal policies…  I would venture to say that they haven’t worked for anything substantial yet and thus have “no skin in the game” and gain everything and lose nothing by supporting a heavier levy on the “rich.”  They also live in a pseudo-socialist world where their parents and school administrators give them a comfortable existence in a world devoid of personal responsibility.  A world of dorms, video games and helicopter moms.

There is another much-smaller demographic out there though.  I group of young people who move out of their parent’s homes and immediately begin supporting themselves.  People old enough to vote, not old enough to purchase alcohol and referred to as “kids” merely because of their age.  Responsible they might be, but the world equates them with their pathetically pampered brethren.  Members of my beloved military fall into this category.

It is my view that we need to set this dynamic on its ear.  We should grant full adult status—voting, purchasing of alcohol, etc.—to only those that are legally emancipated.  Those that provide for themselves, for perhaps a minimum of 75% of their own expenses let’s say.

Those that enjoy an extended childhood get none of the benefits of being an adult.  No voting.  No alcohol. No tobacco.  No nothing.

This would of course drive the left into apoplectic fits, which suits me just fine.  They are nothing more than intellectual and moral children anyway.

We need to take the political power away from those least qualified to wield it.  We need to only grant it to those that truly are the grown-ups in this country.  Those that cannot support themselves should not be part of the conversation in our constitutional republic.   They quite simply lack the maturity to entrust with any sort of political influence or power.

To do otherwise invites the slippery slope of government taking over the role of “parent” for a nation full of children.


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We have just experienced a terrorist attack on our soil this last week perpetrated my Islamic fundamentalists inspired by, and potentially linked to ISIS. Our country has been been attacked and the Islamic State was quick to claim credit for it. The two terrorists were immigrants who made it through a substandard vetting process and then obtained illegal weapons—which included pipe bombs and other explosive devices. This attack comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the news and is consistent with radical Muslim messaging.

So radical Muslim fundamentalists—supported by the Islamic State—have struck a blow on our country and our President and his cabinet have responded by calling for more gun control. Of course this ignores how gun control did not prevent the Paris shootings… which were also perpetrated by radical Muslim fundamentalists supported by the Islamic State.

We are never going to stand a chance of defeating our nation’s enemies if our leadership cannot properly define the problem. And I’m pretty sure the problem isn’t “The Gun Show Loophole.”


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Rushin’ to Conclusion

There are reports, or at least rumors, about a shooting somewhere, maybe in California. Of course, news media is immune to the fog of war, and doesn’t bother lying, because they know they will be called on the carpet.

As a special service, Just Barking Mad will give this incident CNN quality coverage.

It was Mexicans/Russians/Cubans/Muslims/Druggies/Drug Traffickers/BLM Activists striking back at PP/Bureau of Land Management controlled cull so smelt will have water/The lost legion of Crassus/time traveling Hitler Jugend/Feminists claiming safe space/A Gay Pride Parade that got out of hand.

We must immediately do whatever it is I’ve always wanted to do, without regard for costs, obstacles or consequences. MCB AR lowers for everyone in America! Norse out of Norway! Fried tacos made with a corn tortilla and re-fried pinto beans for dinner. Now set up a speech to text program to recite the last two paragraphs on an infinite loop for three days.

Merry Christmas.

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#BlackLivesMatter protests the deaths of relatively few criminals, who were poisoning themselves. A fair number of police have been murdered. The murderers seem to have done so as a result of #BLM protests.

Planned Parenthood was founded by a white supremacist for the purpose of killing the poor in general and blacks in particular. At fifty million dead, disproportionately black, Planned Parenthood has killed more blacks than are in prison.

If the #BLM incited killings were purely for the sake of avenging the inhumane murder of blacks, one would expect PP to be targeted at many times the rate police are. Instead we see the reverse.

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Beyond Welfare Babies

#BlackLivesMatter seems to be arguing two points.

To one audience, they argue the evils of police. The message is that government is illegitimate, and there is nothing to lose. The effect has been to intimidate the police.

To another, they argue that authentic blackness is drug fueled violence and disrespect for property and human life.

When a girl or woman has children in order to get government payments we say ‘welfare babies’. What is the proper term for when a girl or woman raises a young man to be an entitled suicidal murderous idiot so that she can collect a ‘wrongful’ death payment after he gets himself killed in the presence of a police officer?

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On Immigration

Obama wants to open up the borders to damn-near everybody in a naked attempt to build a Democrat-voting super-majority. If you can’t see that then you need to get your head examined. The leftists will deny it of course—because they are liars, and this is all part of their strategy. The latest wave of “Syrian refugees” is just another play that Obama is making—although it is utterly idiotic on his part. He is pushing this in the face of overwhelming opposition, and this will only energize the opposition… which I suppose is a good thing from my perspective.

In any event, we’ve got all these people coming in and now the discussion of “vetting” has begun. Or lack thereof to be more precise. I’ve got a suggestion for your consideration humble reader… how about we begin the vetting by not allowing in any military-aged males? Deny entry of all refugees if they are males between the ages of 14 and 44. That’d be a good start if you ask me. And then deny the refugees welfare or any other public assistance until they are naturalized citizens (a process that will take years). I think that would be a terrific first step in ensuring we are protecting ourselves and paying more than mere lip service to national security.

Here’s an example of what Europe is already letting through their borders. Pay close attention to this video because these are the same sorts of people Obama wants to bring to our shores.


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Mr. President,

Analysis does not exclude the possibility that you are stupid enough to think you can plant the Islamic State in the United States of America.

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Keep On and Calmly Carry

I’ve found three arguments particularly risible in the post Paris discussion.

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Reconciliation is Still Possible

The defeatists are right; we can surrender.

Pelosi and all the other Democrats have asked if we can find an alternative to fighting. Yes, we can.

Somewhere in the Bay area, there is tall building next to a paved area that is not a road. We can throw gays off the top of that building. When the pile of bodies gets big, we put it in a dump-truck using a loader. We bury them in the desert.

Celebrate diversity with gay terminal ballistics. It is the only sane option for peace, peace in our time.

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