Obama’s booming economy is spreading prosperity everywhere.  So much in fact that communities can no longer pay to maintain asphalt roads and are now just tearing them up and going back to dirt roads.  See?  Hope!  Change!  You can read about it here.

Just remember, we can look forward to another four years of this steady decline.  Faster even if we continue to spiral into debt and squander the public coffers.

Pretty soon we’ll be on par with Venezuela.

(H/T Tamara K.)


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Back in the Day, This is What We’d Call “An Act of War”

More on the USS Mason and the missiles fired at it by Iranian backed assholes in Yemen.  It looks as if they weren’t alone and they did some shooting back.  You can read the story here.

Yup, we’ve got mucho respect and fear from our “adversaries.”


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Here’s Some Clinton Coverage to Brighten Your Day


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Smart Diplomacy Part IV

Russian angst…  straight from the horse’s mouth.

Of course Putin is full of shit, but we’ve got nobody engaging with him diplomatically to deal with this.  All while he consolidates his gains in the Crimea and prepares for renewed assaults into the Donbass region of the Ukraine.


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Momma Said Too Violent

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In four years

If people who do not understand counter-proliferation and deterrence do not sit down and build/take over the party apparatus to get candidates in place, we are very likely to have those decisions being made, again, by people who dot not really understand or care about managing the risks our country must face.

Put together a list of groups in your area where someone can speak before an audience. Explain that WWI sucked, that generation expected WWII to be a lot of gas suckage, but it didn’t. Our policy towards WMD grew out of that observation, but the post war generation was largely ignorant of it, unless they explicitly tried to learn. There was a lot of thinking that went into those programs, and we can’t simply resume them by rotating officials.

Long term, we are going to have to ‘watch the work of the seas’ before we can start rebuilding the dykes. We cannot rebuild as we are because adults in general do not have the education. We need remedial adult education first.

EDIT: Maybe should put together a youtube instead of telling people what to say.

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The Deteriorating Relations With Russia

The Russians are specifically blaming the Obama Administration for the worsening relations between our two countries.

You can read about it here.

I haven’t really ever had any love for the Russians if we want to be perfectly honest, but the steady foreign policy slide into the abyss is disheartening to say the least.  The entire reason we have seen the world turn its back on the United States is directly linked to our complete and total vacuum when it comes to our Grand Strategy in the world.  You see, we have none and are basically a ship adrift at sea with no rudder.  Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

We cannot engage with the world without any sort of plan and that’s just what we’ve been doing for the last eight years.  ”Lead from behind” and other moronic ideas have been leading us down the path to disaster.  Platitudes of “Change!” and “Progress!” ring hollow when the barbarians are at the gates.

We had no strategy with Iraq or Afghanistan when Obama took office other than “We need to get out as soon as possible without damaging the Democrat brand too much.”  With that in mind we pulled the last of our ground troops out of Iraq in 2011 because “we couldn’t agree on a SOFA.”  Good job State Department on getting that SOFA sorted out…  unless of course we weren’t really trying all that hard.  Who was running the State Department at that time…  oh let me see…  that would have been Hillary Clinton.  We left a power vacuum in Iraq and the broader Middle East and it immediately got filled—by ISIS.  Sweet.

We were on the same route with Afghanistan too with a hard withdrawal deadline and everything.  ”Retrograde” was the term being thrown around with reckless abandon.  Of course “retrograde” is just another word for “retreat,” but since we’re the U.S.A. and we don’t retreat, we decided to “retrograde” out of Afghanistan.  That was until ISIS blew up in our faces and in order to salvage what was left of the Democrat Party’s foreign policy brand, we stopped “retrograding” and dug in for the long haul.  Of course we have no plan for victory there…  we’re just sort of hanging out waiting on orders from the White House.  No strategy there either except to save face for Obama and his Democratic Party apparatchiks.

I fear that we are going to get four more years of this.  And if we continue down the same path, flailing mindlessly from one election cycle to the next, we are going to find ourselves drawn into a bitter, nasty war.  Over something frivolous like the hacking of a certain political party’s e-mail servers.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of going to war—so long as there is a legitimate purpose behind it.  Barring that, we should not be messing around with our armed forces in such a flippant manner.

Wake me up when we have adults running the country again.


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U.S. Navy Guided Missile Destroyer Attacked

The U.S.S. Mason has been attacked off the coast of Yemen, by at least two missiles.  The attacks was unsuccessful and no American personnel were injured.  Read about it here.

Yup, left-wing foreign policy sure is garnering all sorts of respect for Americans around the world.  We definitely need four more years of this.  Bring on the Hildebeast!


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Trump Said Dirty Things About a Woman’s Privates

Here’s a video of Clinton actually groping a woman’s privates.  That’s what is commonly known as “sexual assault.”


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The day before yesterday I drank so much I may have broken something on the inside.  I literally spent all day in bed hung over trying to recover.  So naturally last night I decided to do it all over again.

While I feel as though I just got run over by a truck, I am going to suck it up and not stay in bed again all day feeling sorry for myself.  I am going out into the world and make them all miserable with me too.


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Wrote this maybe a week ago and left it sitting in my notes. I’m a bit embarrassed because I forget to account for the effects of the oppo that I had forecast in the past.

Haven’t been harping on this much here, because I don’t want to get boring, and because by now there is no point in anything but waiting to see if I am right.

I continue to think Trump is pretty certain to lose. (I may have some crow to eat this November. Barring nuclear terrorism, which is the only out I left myself.)

I assume that any appearance he might win is an illusion. There may be some actual movement on fundamentals, but polling sucks this cycle, and the RNC has reason to want to pretend they haven’t abjectly surrendered the field. Plus, media needs ratings, and political tension gives ratings.

Since I haven’t been convinced of any real difference between the two, my desperation to avoid Clinton magnitude foreign policy disasters hasn’t been screwing with my electoral expectations as much. I may be on track for a better November than in 2008 and 2012 in terms of peace of mind.

Perhaps my desire to be correct, and to gloat about it is still enough to cloud my mind and eyes.

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After seven years of faithful service, my trusty laptop shit the bed.  The machine still runs but the screen doesn’t, and as a result I was unable to post anything yesterday.  You know what life is like without the internet anymore?  Surprisingly distracting.  It’s a good thing I had booze to salve my nerves.

Now I have a new machine… which is nice.  I probably needed to upgrade anyway.  But true to form in my procrastinating lifestyle, I managed to not back up a single file.  I have a tool that transfers data from old harddrives, but wouldn’t you know it—it will not work with Windows 10.  So I am stuck for the moment.  Anybody have a recommendation for the easiest and cheapest way to transfer data from a dead computer to a live one?

The cool thing about this new machine is that it has an entire terabyte of memory—which means I’ll be able to save every scrap of knowledge ever recorded from the dawn of man.  Or porn.  The opportunities are endless.


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Time to Elevate the Debate

So yesterday I watched the Vice Presidential debates and I needed some time to reflect upon it in order to arrange my thoughts properly.  A number of really important topics were discussed and the discourse became lively at times.  I did think that the moderator was fair and she did a good job facilitating the event.

So after thorough analysis and deliberate dissection of the answers and reactions, I have come to my own conclusion of the event.  I won’t offer up who I thought was the winner or loser, I will merely share with you my generalized thoughts on the nationally televised event.  And it’s simply this:

Tim Kaine looks like a child molester.

Now, honestly I have no evidence to back up whether or not he actually molests children—but he does in fact look like someone inclined to do so.  Just look at him.  Look at him and tell me you disagree.

I didn’t think so.

Ponder that for awhile.


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“Smart Diplomacy” Part III (This Week)

Our long-standing friend and ally—the Philippines—has decided that we can “go to hell” and that they can buy weapons (and presumably just about anything else) from our long-standing friends the Chinese and Russians.  Don’t believe me?  Fine, go over here to this little podunk news outlet known as Reuters and read about it.

I would say “I told you so” to all the liberals in the U.S. but they don’t fucking care about any of this.  And if they do they’ll just blame Bush or congress or something.

Oh, and I watched the Vice Presidential debates just a little while ago too.  Sigh…  I can’t wait for the upcoming four year-long nightmare to end and it hasn’t even started yet.

Also, I have two words for everyone who criticizes Trump or Clinton for not paying income taxes, or taking too many deductions.  Those two words are “Flat Tax.”  It’s simple to implement and everybody has to pay their fair share.  And it’s really easy to understand.  Duh.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit in a corner and grind down some more tooth enamel.


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Looks Like I Was a Bit Premature With My “Smart Diplomacy” Post

Because we just broke off diplomatic engagement with the Russians over Syria.  You can read about it here.

Dear Lord, I don’t know how anybody can think that we’ve been doing a competent job in regards to foreign policy over the last eight years.  The Obama White House has bungled this about as bad as I could possibly imagine.  I even sort of believe the Hillary Clinton people (gasp!) when they say that she and the State Department have been horribly micro-managed by the president’s enlightened “leadership” (Lead from behind anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?).  Not that I think Hillary will do a better job while holding that esteemed office—she doesn’t have the chops for it either.  If she did she’d have a least ONE accomplishment under her belt to brag about… which—for the record—she doesn’t.  From her time as a sitting U.S. Senator to running the State Department.

Oh… tangent time.  Her mission as the Secretary of State was to run the State Department—not act as “Diplomat in Chief” while racking up frequent flyer miles all over the world.  Now, SecState needs to travel on occasion—many of them in fact—but we have diplomats that do that diplomacy stuff.  Unless of course your diplomats are political hacks that scored their positions through political donations with no other experience in…  wait what?  Oh never mind.

We are in a death spiral right now and I am steeling myself for the crash.  Because it’s going to be ugly and we’re all going to be holding the bag while our “leaders” walk away from this one without taking any responsibility for it.

I suppose we should take a bit of the blame…  we have been electing these swine after all.  But shouldn’t we hold them accountable?  Seriously?

Example:  It is public law that congress must pass a budget on time every year.  Yet they consistently fail to do so.  And they get away with it because we do nothing.  Why not?  Can’t we go march on Washington and protest or something until they do the jobs they’ve been hired to do?  There has to be an answer to this.

So for the record I am endorsing Donald Trump for president.  Now wait… hear me out.  I think the man is a charlatan and only has his own best interests at heart.  Having said that I KNOW that the press will hold him accountable for everything that he does.  They will invoke the Constitution at every turn to keep him on the straight and narrow because they loathe him with every fiber of their being.  And in doing so we’ll have some checks and balances in government.  If Hillary gets elected the media will be complicit in everything that she does and will cover for her no matter what… and therefore we get NO checks and balances if she is sworn into office.  That’s what my decision comes down to.  It boils down to who will be held accountable and it’s as simple as that.  Trump will be scrutinized at every turn—ruthlessly.  Hillary won’t.  Ever.  So Clinton must not be allowed into office.  Without proper checks and balances we cannot have a Constitutional Republic.

So there it is.  God help us.

The fate of the world is in our hands.


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Tis the Season

I have officially begun to get festive this year about the major holidays.  I spent the previous years working pretty hard and barely paying attention to them, other than squeezing in some shopping for Christmas.  I guess it may have made me more focused on work, but it hasn’t done much for time at home—which is infinitely more important.  I think it’s time to change all that.

Yesterday I took the Old Lady down to the store and we loaded up on some Halloween decorations and then spent the evening getting the house in proper festive order.  It looks better but clearly we need more bling.  It’s gonna cost, but I think it’ll be fun in the end.  Jack ‘o lanterns are going to make an appearance soon, but I’ll get some other gimmicky stuff up first.

This is a priority!

While I don’t think I’ll have the most tricked out crib on the block—and I will never be able to compete with The Pissed Off Tree Rat—I think I will successfully get this place up to standard.

Who knows, I may even stock some spare booze for the neighbors so they can swing by too.


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Out of respect for our esteemed proprietor—Quilly Mammoth—I rarely jack around with the site settings here.  I have done so on many occasions over the last decade that I’ve been posting here, but Quilly hasn’t reprimanded me yet so I guess I haven’t pissed him off too badly.  In any event, I’ve grown sick of the usual media sources I’ve visited over the years…  especially this election cycle.  CNN and Fox are completely consumed with election coverage, which while important to all of us, is not the only fucking thing going on in the world.  So I’ve added another link under the “news” column.  You’ll find “BBC” listed there now.

Okay, before you start wagging your finger at me and getting all condescending and shit, I friggin’ know that BBC is liberal as all get-out.  They are also very much interested in what is going on in the rest of the world and their coverage reflects that.  So if you can hold your nose and put up with the left-wing stink, I recommend that you go there from time to time to see what’s going on in the world.  Because you sure as fuck won’t see any of it from American media sources.

Oh and if anyone recommends that I link Al Jazeera don’t bother.  Those people can eat shit and bark at the moon.  I’ll link Russia Times (RT) long before that ever happens.  I’d rather look at Russian propaganda long before I’d ever look at the jihadi network.

And with that you may carry on with your internet surfing.  Nothing more to see here.


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Smart Diplomacy

Thank goodness that slobbering idiot Bush is out of office and adults are in charge of foreign policy now.  I mean, we have been long overdue for this time of enlightenment and peace.  It’s also a good thing that nothing interesting is going on in the world right now so we can invest every minute of the American news cycle on the upcoming election.  That way we won’t be distracted by this message coming out of Moscow or this one from Beijing.

All sarcasm aside, the world knows we are weak right now and everyone is taking advantage of it.  Our people need to wake the fuck up.


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A Time For Boozing

Remembering better days, fifty years ago.

Okay, the internal enemy then has the same mind poisons as the internal enemy now.

I actually do see grounds for hope in the long term.

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The Coke Matter

I have not been overly impressed with the Trump campaign’s management of PR.

So when, out of the blue, a Trump spokesman denied that Trump had been using Cocaine and committing homosexual acts, I immediately added cocaine and homosexuality to the possible models I was considering. This was some months ago, and neither possibility had been on my radar.

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