Thought I had nothing.

Thank goodness and sound engineering practice for Freefall.

This is the current link to the strip, but this will likely work next update.

There is a flaw to Bowman’s scenario beyond what Ambrose mentions. That being that the sort of people who would sign up for a one way trip to an uncertain future, to fight their hardest, might well not be enthused about doing so for the sake of cutting costs. Trying to implement this as a cost saving measure may well tend to result in losing. This may be an example of a seeming war economy being a false economy.

Also, Freefall’s cold sleep tech requires a long time awake when you get defrosted.

That is my current limit for politics.

I haven’t even been looking at the essays lately, as I’ve been chasing other projects. I’ve vague hopes of getting some of the higher priority stuff settled this week or nest.

I do have a few thoughts on anime.

Aldnoah has a couple of eps with a warzone tactical mystery, which may rise to the point of almost hardish sci fi, for a mecha series. M3 seems somewhat as one might expect from the megaten promotional artwork, and the Eva flavor of some of the vids. I haven’t even been following blogs covering Mahouka episodes, but some dude on the internet seems to think the current run will cover the section of the novels where an overseas power lands troops on Japanese soil in a surprise attack. The writer didn’t even seem to use any sort of standard symbols in his maps of the event, so who knows if the adaptation could manage to execute it well. Sunrise has brought back “Kill ‘em all” Tomino for this fall’s upcoming Gundam.

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Conspiretardation… an incurable ailment.


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Some People are Dumber than a Pile of Shit

I’ve been running a Facebook page for reasons I won’t get into. I’m doing it as a courtesy—and naturally some people are extremely unappreciative. In fact they are acting like a bunch of assholes.

I want to punch somebody in the throat right about now.

I need a drink.


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Redneck Bottle Opener

Much good beer was wasted in the filming of this clip.


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Work’s Been Busy…

so I leave you with this instead of actually posting anything.

You know you love it.


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Was supposed to go flying today with a buddy who recently bought a plane.

Was very excited about this.

Then: ear infection.

Son of a bitch.

Then: father-in-law tells me that best treatment is bourbon.

He’s a wise dude.  I feel better already.


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Purely for it’s value to the Great Game

First Pitch At Taiwanese Game Borders On Striptease

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It’s nearly as deadly as botulism.  I’m a temporary bachelor.  This is usually a really sweet deal for 3-4 days, and then it really sucks.

However, I’ve been doing some clean living lately, and I’ve noticed that a 5th of whiskey might last me 2 weeks these days, but since the family took off, some gremlins have been stealing the shit out of my whiskey!



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I think Moe has it wrong.

The purpose of the Declaration is to tell the rest of the world that it ought to forcefully obtain nonconsensual carnal knowledge of itself.

The purpose of the Constitution is to create an entity strong enough to back that up with force, and weak enough that it isn’t annoying.

It is to late, and I’m too ill to exactly articulate what this means about the purpose of the United States, but it is similar.

Exactly how foreign policy is carried about is a matter of the population’s preferences. These can change. One can understand Obama’s election as a sign that the American people have changed to have a liking for mass murder.

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A Hundred Years

The past year or so I’ve been wondering how the next hundred years might compare to the last.

Today is as good a day as any to bring it up.

1914-2014 can be understood as having been foreshadowed by 1814-1914. Leopold foreshadowing Mr. Hitler, Mr. Mao, et al. So on and so forth. What of 2014-2114?

I can be fairly sure I won’t see all of it. Yes, the longevity futurists say a lot of things. I still feel confident that I am almost entirely certain not to live to see 2114. Fitting a curve to data, then extrapolating beyond the data can be pretty flawed. I also have a better grasp of certain personal factors than some castle in the clouds sort who thinks looking at actuarial tables is reactionary.

There is much that could be said about recent historical choices, and how they have shaped the probabilities and certainties.

I do not forecast two months ahead with complete certainty. I recently had some business I’d scheduled for later take a much higher priority. This is part of why I’m a little bit wrecked at the moment. This is, of course, simply wonderful for my writing. I can’t even remember if I’ve done this topic before.

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I hope this movie does right by my Army brothers. It certainly looks promising.


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Around a year ago, I was trying to expand a comment on Democrat responses to the IRS controversy into a goatgagger of a post. Life happened.

Recent revelations about especially suspect ‘technical issues’ supposedly preventing the IRS from providing documents to the House seem to have made part of that essay obsolete. Showing that certain statements about there being no problem are self impeaching, and in context indicate some degree of problem, is not necessary to show that there are indeed problems.

I have heard it argued elsewhere on the internet that the House should provide Lerner with immunity from prosecution, and put her in witness protection in exchange for testimony. I am not convinced that Witness Protection is beyond ruin at Obama’s hands. That said, I have a nasty suspicious mind, and no faith in the inherent immortality of human works.

For some time there have been rumors about Obama, adulthood use of drugs, and sex outside of marriage. To include mention of gay members of Obama’s church who were murdered prior to some of his political activity. I have not considered these compelling evidence.

Should the IRS matter become more desperate, and should key individuals suddenly die, I would think this could indicate methods and character.

I do not have anything useful or positive to say about the foreign policy situation.

Yes, the current situation is within the expected bounds of my forecasts. That is because I accounted for being hugely uncertain, and thinking Obama would likely screw things up.

When Heinlein wrote the back story for Starship Troopers, he was not writing an instruction manual.

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Still Not Sleeping Much

So I leave you with this.


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Been gettin’ any?


Me neither.


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On Cooling

I’m a terrible wimp about heat. When it gets hot enough, it feels like portions of my brain shut down. Sometimes it seems like a few degrees makes a huge difference in my productivity.

There are reason to try having the utility outlets for a building in the same place.

Having the dryer exhaust right next to the external AC unit can be a pain.

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Since we’re suffering yet another cycle of national misandry (probably since it is an election year), I thought I’d post this story.

Two 12-year-old girls inspired by Internet horror stories lured a girl of the same age into a wooded area near Milwaukee before one of them stabbed the victim 19 times and left her to crawl to her rescue over the weekend, police said Monday.

The victim, a 12-year-old friend of the suspects, was in stable condition at a hospital Monday, two days after a bicyclist found her on along a road in Waukesha, city Police Chief Russell Jack said.

The suspects were arrested hours after the girl was found Saturday, and they were being held Monday on preliminary charges of attempted first-degree intentional homicide. No names were released.

The girls attended the same middle school and had a sleepover at the home of one of the suspects Friday night, Jack said.

“Both suspects had a fascination with a fictitious character that often posted” to websites dealing with stories about death and horror, Jack told reporters at a news conference.

“Based on our investigation, it is believed that the suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months,” Jack said.

But hey, only certain kinds of violence are politically noteworthy, so I guess we can just disregard this tragedy.

More seriously:  WTF?  I’ve seen a few very scary stories of straight-up CRAZY girls doing shit like this.  What a world.


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Most Intellectually Astute

President in, IIRC, 206 years.

See the Wretched cover of the West Point speech.

Right now, Obama is too stupid for me, and Ikki Tousen is too smart. Perhaps I ought to look into Infinite Stratos and see if that is too intellectually challenging.

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The White House accidentally (negligently?) blows the cover of our top CIA official in Afghanistan in one of the dumbest possible ways imaginable.

Somebody please wake me up after this national nightmare is over.


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Whistleblower 40K

“Forget the promise of accountability and oversight, for in the ‘ethical’ ‘transparent’ Obama administration there is only ‘phony scandals’.”

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A Note

I have not been able to write as much as I would like. That has perhaps changed a little, but my focus is probably going to be on the Baen short contest.

I do have an essay seed and an essay outline prepared, as well as a couple of stupid jokes that I’ve been debating whether are too offensive for here.

They may well be delayed enough that they aren’t timely. (Today became a bad allergy day before I finished this.)

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