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Projects and other fun stuff providing, it may be that I’ll be a bit busy for any lengthy inspiration for some months. Personally, I’ve had some frustration that has ended up very fun.

Re: the Oklahoma ‘hoodie’ law that some are claiming is racist and will not stand. It was apparently first put in place to shut down the KKK. It is enforced so heavily that there is a hooded organization with secret membership that has been active in one of the bigger Oklahoma cities for decades.

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Hate Speech for Tanya Cohen

I got the inspiration for this on another venue, but figured it would not be most welcome there.

A decent chunk of the Evil League of Evil has write ups on this particular excretion of stupidity.

The first, and most dubious, element is the assumption that anyone with the mental peculiarities must be involved in LGBT issues.

The second element is the inter-sectional thing, where an LGBT activist is necessarily also a feminist activist.

The third element is the apparent interest of feminists in murdering children.

So, anyone who has those qualities, those traits, is a danger to children, because they wish to wrench children from their home, and dismember them.

All the alternatives that came to mind were more absurd, less defensible, or more the thing to say in normal circumstances.

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Smart Diplomacy



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‘All N are peaceful’ has some interesting qualifications. One is that it is not violence if nobody resists. If they conceal that resistance happened, they call it peace.

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I was a bit slow getting this together.

I saw Moe Lane’s forecasts for 2015, and noticed we didn’t have any recent election commentary here.

The guys I voted for won. We shall see what comes of it.

There are a number of issues worth keeping an eye on in the coming year.

Maybe that’s a bit depressing for tonight.

I’m not stringing my optimistic and joyful thoughts into anything coherent and appropriate, so I probably need a nap. With apologies to those inscrutable oriental time zones, like Maine.

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Drinking Single Malt…

and listening to 80’s music.

Don’t hate the playa’ hate the game.


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Merry Christmas!


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Sony, part two

I’d done some research on alternatives to Sony’s gaming platforms, on the theory that the Sony blackmail might be social justice warrior enough to interest the Gamer Gaters. (Apparently colds can make my natural arrogance worse.)

Now that Sony is apparently showing The Interview, I’m thinking of seeing it.

The nearest theater showing it is a far drive. I haven’t yet checked prices and times.

Anyone making plans?

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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It wouldn’t be very effective for me to boycott movie theaters until Hollywood tells their friends and masters in North Korea where to shove it. I hardly watch movies anyway.

Okay, never going to a theater again might not be any skin off my back.

JeffStag here has an interesting analysis.

Two things jump out at me. One, I remember that a lot of Japanese companies have a particular style of operation. There is a holding company that has a controlling interest in all the other companies. There is often a bank. Or, at least the bank was standard to the Zaibatsu era system. Essentially, all financial needs can be met in house by a dedicated company. There are other support companies, then there are a bunch of different companies that specialize in the actual sectors they cover. Where they operate overseas, this often means a company incorporated in the country it does business in. So, Jeffstag’s argument about incorporation and flagging a ship may still be applicable as far as Sony and America are concerned.

Secondly is the warm relationship Japan has with North Korea. Which is to say this is a very public and obvious example of what the Norks have been doing for decades.

I’m not in shape to make very good sense now.

Given that the Norks have been kidnapping young girls, it says something that people will stand silent for this, and be up in arms about the possibility of not having someone pay for everyone’s condoms.

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Root Causes of Hostage Taking

Obviously, this was caused by Australia’s domestic violence laws being unduly stringent. They probably made those laws for racist reasons in the first place.

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Democracy in DC?

I’ve seen some arguments from nominal conservatives about the legalization of pot in Washington DC that I find troubling.

The name and title is Washington District of Columbia. Columbia refers to the United States of America. The title means the place belonging to the United States, named Washington.

The design intent was very explicit. If a state hosted the Capital, the people of that state would have too much influence over the federal government. Hence creating an area that absolutely wasn’t a state, and is not intended to be very much like a state.

The states are guaranteed a republican form of government. Districts of Columbia are essentially meant to be a fiefdom of Congress. Well, perhaps I go too far. I’m not entirely clear on the separation of powers as it applies to DC, except that it properly belongs to the Feds, not the residents.

Congress can legally do a lot more to the residents of DC than it has so far been politically expedient to do. This political expedience being driven by popularity with voters outside of the district.

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Here I thought

that the major controversies stirred up over recent events could in many cases be understood to be driven by willful ignorance.

Some people find it convenient that certain things not be discussed:

1. Pot smokers don’t like people suggesting that violent acts could have anything to do with being under the influence, or that a history of use could’ve had anything but positive effects on mental illness.

2. Opponents of capital punishment and the lethal use of force would like us to pretend that prisons are secure. Obama demonstrated that this was not true even before the famous prisoner release.

3. Some people choose to do bad things, and some do bad things out of habit. Scoldings are no more likely to work after the fact than all the pervasive before the fact scolding.

4. People claiming concern of pervasive white supremacism cling to outdated notions of such, ignoring that a modern version would rely heavily on the social left’s contribution to the destruction of family. Their apparent lack of consideration for nuance, or anything that would detract from messaging, suggests a lack of actual racial loyalty and compassion.

5. Intra-demographic murder suggests that what fighters they could call on have more loyalty to factions than to race. Combined with 4, this suggests that racial politics have as little viability and foundation for that demographic as it does for does for everybody else in America.

6. Perhaps out of a sense of decency, grieving parents who are lashing out, and clearly at least partly responsible for failing their children, are often not publicly confronted with the facts.

7. Infantry has more expedient answers to a murderous nut who has chemically screwed their pain response than traditional police do. We all know there are reasons not to try settling crime with infantry in our own population. Yet the public attention after certain events pressures departments to find a more expedient way.

8. 100% reliably safe non-lethal stopping and capture is a myth. Some bad people can be stopped while doing stuff that isn’t worth killing them before they move on to stuff that is. Either police engage and sometimes kill people by accident, or they do not, and crooks will kill on purpose. We don’t quite have the political will for the one, and so we continually flirt with the other, which we do not have the political stomach for either.

Now it seems like there is something new.

WSJ says FBI undercounts police shootings.

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It seems like, if one uses certain standard arguments, one could claim that the root cause of this is the fact that it is illegal to sell tobacco products to minors.

Legalize such. Drop the sin taxes. Stop the PSAs. Make it lawful to advertise the stuff more widely, and without the warnings. Put in a government subsidy, and call child services on parents if their kids complain about not being allowed to smoke.

Or maybe it is a matter of the dead man’s sense of entitlement, poor risk assessment, and choosing unwisely.

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Truth be told, I had thought that Obama had squat to do with Obamacare, beyond chiming in on sales, taking credit, and preventing people from making the technical implementation work if it would cause him political harm.

It seems I was in error.

That said, the information comes from one man. I am not prepared to view his testimony with complete confidence.

Furthermore, it seems like there is a trick to discredit this that I’m not seeing the media or the administration use.

Does Gruber have a future after this? If he were to fake insanity, make a bunch of impossible statements, then it could be claimed that he had become delusional and obsessed with Obama, and that attempting to unperson him was giving him space that he might not become worse.

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AR15 Kits and Builds

If anyone is interested Cheaperthandirt.com is selling Delton kits (minus stripped lower) for about $455 and they are selling Anderson Manufacturing stripped lowers for about $43.   With shipping and handling that’ll get you all the parts you need for a 16” AR15 for about $500.  The only special tool you’ll need is for the buttstock castle nut—and the wrenches for those are going for about three bucks—so that’s not terribly cost-prohibitive either.

It took me about an hour on my first build to assemble a rifle using Youtube as my tutorial.  The thing is running like a champ and it’s a lot of fun to shoot—particularly knowing that all the money I saved on the rifle I could use for bells and whistles.

Happy shooting!


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No Comment

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Beer vs Whiskey

Several years ago, for Reasons, I became a whiskey (to include Bourbon) drinker – almost exclusively so.

Beer used to be my go-to drink.  Now, it’s just an occasional maintenance drink.  So much so that I have friends bring over beers for events and such, and the left-overs keep accumulating in my bar fridge faster than I drink them.  This is why anyone walking in my house gets offered a ton of beer immediately.

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Obama Nominates Judge Lynch

The Administration has formally moved on its agenda of re-implementing the post Reconstruction policies beloved of the Democratic Party.

Historically, these policies were used to murder Republicans, and to terrorize them into political irrelevance.

Steve Renfroe’s is a famous example of Lynching. Steve killed a couple of Republicans involved in political activity, a former slave and carpetbagger. This is believed to be at the behest of the local Democratic Party, whose involvement otherwise is also suspected.

Informed Republicans are aware this this is part of our heritage, and that we might expect the same treatment again in the future.

The Obama Administration has been implementing practices of the Jim Crow era Democratic Party systemically and deliberately.

We can only inherit the will of our forefathers in the Grand Old Party, who fought the Democratic Party in years past.

I can be killed, but I cannot be forced to become a Democrat.

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GamerGate WTF?

GamerGate is a largish high-energy debate and flamewar on the internet.

GamerGate is an influence peddling scandal involving conspiracy among hobby media outlets, with some potential ties to more mainstream media organizations.

GamerGate is a microcosm of leftist or leftist trained political eternal warriors.

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Holiday Inn and Ebola

Apparently this commercial aired in 2001.

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

(H/T Ace)


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