Moore killing

One thing I’ve seen apparently overlooked.

Moore is close to and has some ties to Norman. Norman might be the most leftwing part of Oklahoma, with the highest concentration of out of state crazy.

Hence Moore might not be the best proxy for the saner and more rural parts of the country.

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Holder’s going out

Some explanations immediately come to mind.

General prospects for administration messaging are so dismal that a contentious cofirmation hearing is seen as a necessity.

Scandal messaging has some bombs ready to blow, and switching out the point man on handling that is necessary.

The former feels more likely. Yes, the Clinton swap for Kerry, but the latter would be proactive. If this administration has the ability to be proactive about managing its failures, and actually uses of it, I hate to imagine what it would be like without it.

The administration gives the impression that it is purely reactive when it comes to errors. Also, blind.

Some user sending in a postcard, because this administration as IT does not have QA or tech support: “This seems like it might be a bug.”

Administration/Media Response: “The developer is ever so wise and magnificent to anticipate the need for such a feature. It is so beneficial that it did not need to be documented until now.”

“It crashes, and the data cannot be recovered.”

“Let me be perfectly clear, working as intended, Republican wreckers and breakers.”

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I’m Lovin It.

Oh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

182bt849n3myejpg.jpg (JPEG Image, 636 × 358 pixels)

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Special Task Force Unicorn

Public officials should not openly give advice to terrorists, especially those with hostages.

It is bad policy.

Pretending to negotiate is one thing. That can be a legitimate ruse to position things for one’s attacking forces.

Threatening terrorists can be appropriate, and can be phrased as advice. This does not describe the incident I am speaking of.

Giving crazy, deranged pie in the sky advice damages the dignity of the public office.

Giving practical advice risks the terrorists acting on it, and letting their actions splash on the official.

Either way, it confuses the presentation of policy, and undermines the manly firmness with which a government ought to respond to terrorism.

Hat tip to Moe Lane. I’m not sure that Herp McDerp over there is wrong.

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Release date has pulled in to 17 Oct.

The (sparse) previews still look decent.  It’s still the only movie I can pretend to give a shit about left this year…


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From the Mouths of Babes…

or drooling mouth-breathers.  You know, whatever.

I present to you Obama’s national security strategy circa 2008.


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Because you need this that’s why.


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An Alternative Model of Police Militarization

There are essentially two standard models for the purported militarization of America’s police force. I suspect one has issues. I have two or three supplemental or alternative models that I think better than the one.

One of the latter provides an at least semi defensible explanation for BLT’s observation about apparent spending priorities.

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The future of Robotics

I have just two words for this:Red Hair

A Japanese company claims to have reached the next level in developing the most genuine looking sex doll which comes complete with realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes.

Orient Industry say their new range of dolls, made from high quality silicon, are so realistic there is very little to distinguish them from a real girlfriend at first glance.

And they are fully customizable IFYNWIMAITYD

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Has Police Militarization Jumped the Shark?

Josh Marshall is the editor and publisher of Talking Points Memo, a left of center blog. His recent editorial about the military equipment that almost every police officer now has echoes what a lot of us on the libertarian/conservative side have been saying for a while.

We take it as a given that most police departments will have a SWAT team, a relatively small group and amount of armament for an active shooter or hostage situation. But the Ferguson PD seems tricked out with a number of armored vehicles and quasi-military type gear. The militarization of local police forces is a story probably most of us are familiar with at some level. There’s also been a lot of counter-terror pork distributed to local police departments around the country, either buying bizarre arsenals to face terrorists they’ll almost certainly never encounter or surplus military supplies being cast off by US deployments abroad. But with all that, WTF?

When the Tea Party first started, before the big money got involved, most of the participants were spurred by the incredible over-reach of government. It was a mood that had been growing under the Bush administration, the Patriot Act chief among them. It was a mood that came to the boiling point under Obama with ObamaCare. Obviously, the Left has defended an ever more powerful government as being necessary for their Social Justice agenda. Which puts fellows like Josh Marshall in a hard position. At some point there is an event that highlights how oppressive our government might become that makes people like Marshall go all “WTF!”...and that creates a cognitive dissonance.

Now a growing number on the Left have to deal with the concept that a government that is allowed to do whatever it wants without the consent of a majority of the people is going to become oppressive. That giving government a free reign because it advances your agenda might be a Bad Idea (tm). This is actually not the first time someone on the Left has said this. In fact, Mikhail Bakunin, one of the founders of the modern communist movement warned of this, that such power is not collectivism but oppression. Of course, Marx and the boys tossed him out of the party, and Mr. Marshall is coming close to stating the Leftist Heresy that “too much government is a bad thing.”

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Ebola in the House

There is a good chance that we are well and truly fucked.

Check it out here.

When I recently told a friend who was lamenting the recent events in Iraq I told him that the whole conversation was largely academic since 60% of the world population may be dead in the next six months anyway. His response?

“Don’t tease me.”



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Thought I had nothing.

Thank goodness and sound engineering practice for Freefall.

This is the current link to the strip, but this will likely work next update.

There is a flaw to Bowman’s scenario beyond what Ambrose mentions. That being that the sort of people who would sign up for a one way trip to an uncertain future, to fight their hardest, might well not be enthused about doing so for the sake of cutting costs. Trying to implement this as a cost saving measure may well tend to result in losing. This may be an example of a seeming war economy being a false economy.

Also, Freefall’s cold sleep tech requires a long time awake when you get defrosted.

That is my current limit for politics.

I haven’t even been looking at the essays lately, as I’ve been chasing other projects. I’ve vague hopes of getting some of the higher priority stuff settled this week or nest.

I do have a few thoughts on anime.

Aldnoah has a couple of eps with a warzone tactical mystery, which may rise to the point of almost hardish sci fi, for a mecha series. M3 seems somewhat as one might expect from the megaten promotional artwork, and the Eva flavor of some of the vids. I haven’t even been following blogs covering Mahouka episodes, but some dude on the internet seems to think the current run will cover the section of the novels where an overseas power lands troops on Japanese soil in a surprise attack. The writer didn’t even seem to use any sort of standard symbols in his maps of the event, so who knows if the adaptation could manage to execute it well. Sunrise has brought back “Kill ‘em all” Tomino for this fall’s upcoming Gundam.

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Conspiretardation… an incurable ailment.


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Some People are Dumber than a Pile of Shit

I’ve been running a Facebook page for reasons I won’t get into. I’m doing it as a courtesy—and naturally some people are extremely unappreciative. In fact they are acting like a bunch of assholes.

I want to punch somebody in the throat right about now.

I need a drink.


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Redneck Bottle Opener

Much good beer was wasted in the filming of this clip.


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Work’s Been Busy…

so I leave you with this instead of actually posting anything.

You know you love it.


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Was supposed to go flying today with a buddy who recently bought a plane.

Was very excited about this.

Then: ear infection.

Son of a bitch.

Then: father-in-law tells me that best treatment is bourbon.

He’s a wise dude.  I feel better already.


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Purely for it’s value to the Great Game

First Pitch At Taiwanese Game Borders On Striptease

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It’s nearly as deadly as botulism.  I’m a temporary bachelor.  This is usually a really sweet deal for 3-4 days, and then it really sucks.

However, I’ve been doing some clean living lately, and I’ve noticed that a 5th of whiskey might last me 2 weeks these days, but since the family took off, some gremlins have been stealing the shit out of my whiskey!



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I think Moe has it wrong.

The purpose of the Declaration is to tell the rest of the world that it ought to forcefully obtain nonconsensual carnal knowledge of itself.

The purpose of the Constitution is to create an entity strong enough to back that up with force, and weak enough that it isn’t annoying.

It is to late, and I’m too ill to exactly articulate what this means about the purpose of the United States, but it is similar.

Exactly how foreign policy is carried about is a matter of the population’s preferences. These can change. One can understand Obama’s election as a sign that the American people have changed to have a liking for mass murder.

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