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America…Fuck Yeah!

Why do people stream our borders? Despite the situation in DC America is the land where dreams can happen.

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The Average American is a Hero

Regular Joe’s seeing a situation and reacting in the bravest of ways. Today’s hero is Robin Dehaven. Mr. DeHaven works for Binswanger. He was driving a window repair truck. “I immediately drove my truck over there, got the ladder off, … Continue reading

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Fuck Yeah!

The only thing this dude is missing is a Pall Mall unfiltered hanging from his lip. (H/T Insty) Marcus

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Fuck Yeah! Get some bitches! Yet another reason to go out and buy one of those ugly black rifles. (H/T Insty) Marcus

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A Public Service Announcement

That is all, carry on. (Picture shamelessly stolen from this guy) Marcus

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Oh, I Almost Forgot…

I just recently purchased one of these sweet babies: A DPMS Panther Arms flattop, chambered in the all-American poodleshooter cartridge. Later on I plan on getting a nice ACOG scope to slap on top. Strictly for aesthetics of course. Sigh. … Continue reading

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I am Joe!

I’ve been fuming about the Obama Campaign’s and it’s willing thugs , the media, smear attack on Joe Wurzelbacher. The plumber, the everyday American, that just had the goddamn gall to ask the fucking Chosen One a question. Now Iowahawk … Continue reading

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Ray Charles

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That There is Some Sweet Action

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe this picture says the word “badass” about a thousand times. (Shamelessly taken from the boys over at Blackfive)  Marcus

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