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Yes, they do worship The One

Can anyone tell me the last time a major organization in the United States commissioned a poster depicting a President as a savior like this one does?

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Political Endorsements

It is not news that Kim Jong Il and his regime have endorsed Senator Barack Hussein Obama and his run for the presidency. What is news is that the Kim-man has finally written about it on his state-run blog. Here’s … Continue reading

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The Second Coming of Jimmy Carter Pt II

Change we can believe in. Video courtesy of Moonbattery. Marcus

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Change you can count on…

....if the Democrat’s get the trifecta. Maxine drops all pretense of being anything other than a communist

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Shamelessy stolen from these guys. Marcus

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They are here!

FBI Director Mueller confirms that Al Qaeda cells are operating in America. FBI Director Robert Mueller said last week that the FBI has uncovered small groups of Al Qaida terrorists in the United States, (although he declined to provide details. … Continue reading

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Liberal Elitism

Completely out of touch with the common man he claims to represent, Barack Hussein Obama let fly with a statement that has all sorts of people up in arms.  Unless of course they are wealthy limousine liberals—-then the comments raise no eyebrows … Continue reading

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