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Fred Phelps is a Democrat

That’s right, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church—you know, those assholes who protest military funerals—yeah, their spiritual leader has run for office five times.  As a Democrat. Fred Phelps – A Democrat from Papa Giorgio on Vimeo. Read more here. … Continue reading

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A Tribute

To all the teachers and union members protesting Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin right now, I dedicate the following song to you.

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So the teachers and their unions are still running amok in Wisconsin eh?  Let’s just review…  teachers are among the highest compensated white collar workers in the United States of America.  In Wisconsin they make twice on average what the … Continue reading

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The SNL Skit NBC Doesn’t Want You to See

Funny. And all too true. (H/T The Smallest Minority) Marcus

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