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Holy Shit!

What do you know, I’ve got some more semi-pornographic pictures of the Baroness. You know you are curious… go ahead and check them out!

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Yo Joe!

Or perhaps “Yo Jaye!” Whatever, I always hated that retarded battlecry.  In any event, I give you Lady Jaye.

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In the Interests of Equity…

Because JBM is all about the fairness.  Well, maybe not—but we are all about posting pictures of chicks.  Even the animated variety. Commenter Tim pointed out that I should balance out all this Baroness fetish art with a little sweet … Continue reading

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More Sweet Cartoon Action

Apparently the Velma cartoons I posted yesterday were somewhat popular amongst the dedicated readership of JBM.  Perhaps I struck a nerve with that one…  or perhaps not.  We shall see.  Because as a result of all the buzz, I have … Continue reading

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