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SITREP Korea–Day 1

Been running around the old stomping grounds getting all nostalgic and whatnot. I’ve got quite a lot of history up in these parts and every little thing around here brings back a flood of memories. Every turtle ditch, every quonset … Continue reading

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Land of the Morning Calm

I am off to Korea tomorrow for a few weeks. I’ll be doing a lot of work, and a bit of beer drinking. I’ve got quite a bit of Korean Won left over from the last trip, so I should … Continue reading

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Well, If You Liked the Last One You’ll Love This

I feel like a dirty old man watching this shit. Given time—and some serious K Pop immersion—I suppose I will get over it… because it’s all about the coping strategies.

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Slow Around Here…

Let me see what I can do about that.

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South Korean Protests

Things are heating up as South Koreans take to the street, demanding that their government take action against Kim Jong Il. South Korean protesters have clashed with police outside the Defence Ministry in Seoul. Demonstrators are calling on the South … Continue reading

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Katchi Kapshida!*

We appear to be ramping up our support for the ROK government by sending some additional firepower over to that part of the world in the wake of the latest example of North Korean brinkmanship. A U.S. aircraft carrier strike … Continue reading

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Smart Diplomacy and the Korean Peninsula

There is renewed tension in Korea after the North Koreans fired artillery onto the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong killing at least two ROK Marines and wounding over a dozen others.  Civilians have been evacuated to shelters and photos show … Continue reading

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Katchi Kapshida

“Katchi Kapshida” is Korean for “We Go Together.” This movie is sort of like Braveheart… with guns. Oh, and with Asian dudes. Other than that it’s almost exactly the same. Marcus

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