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More Media Hypocrisy

Well we all know that the mainstream media is left-leaning and it affects the way they cover and report the news.  It is particularly evident as we witness the stomach-churning Obama campaign unfold. Now it is even more glaring as … Continue reading

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Oops, he did it again!

Gateway Pundit: Murtha Does It Again!... Says US Troops Just Break Down Doors & Kill Innocents (Video) The Murthafucker continues to demean the troops and spin lies about the war in Iraq. Maybe this guy can beat him this year.

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Shamelessy stolen from these guys. Marcus

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Liberal Elitism

Completely out of touch with the common man he claims to represent, Barack Hussein Obama let fly with a statement that has all sorts of people up in arms.  Unless of course they are wealthy limousine liberals—-then the comments raise no eyebrows … Continue reading

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